A Stopover in Tokyo, with a once in a life time experience

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Second leg – Oct 2016 JPN/NZ – Of course no one likes to sit in a plane traveling ½ way across the world… but during this trip I have been blessed with not only the chance to catch up on the FCBD® performance DVD (choice for this leg was FatChanceBellyDance, Inc. presents LIVE!) but I was fortunate enough to attend The Mini Massive Show Super! in Tokyo the day before the 25 hour-leg from Japan to Wellington NZ. I know that there is a dimensional difference between the DVD and the performances I witnessed on stage, but there is no denying that some parts over lapped in my view.

I was blessed to witness a variety of performances, which included some spectacular duets, many memorizing solos, but for me, it was the group dances that really stuck with me the most. Awesome Amy and her amazing team from Taipei/Tokyo workshops and performed awesome performances in both Tribal Fusion and ITS. I could easily see the connection each dancer had and how they reflected from each other. The way they all performed brilliantly but at the same time were able to look away from the group, returning to have eye contact with their partner, lots of formation change, the troupe, in the first performance demonstrated a true skill in being able to be part of the choreography and then in the next performance excel in the rules of improvisation. Simply look at satisfied looks in the faces in this photo clearly shows that all involved were totally satisfied in what they had created together and were able to share with the audience.

The other magical routine was when Jill Parker and her students opened the show. I believe that they all had learnt the choreography during the workshops. You could see the result in bringing together a team of highly motivated and capable dancers in a group setting with minimal instruction is a testament to not only the dancers individual skill but Jill’s ability to harness and extract the desired result from this talent. It really showed in Jill’s face… confident to the point of being relaxed, even after moving back to the second row. Clearly this was accomplished despite the language challenges she must have faced during the workshops. I now really wish I could have attended!

So here I am, sitting in my seat… reviewing the Live performance DVD by FCBD®, I can easily see the similarities between last night’s live performance and the DVD. The face gestures and practiced moments of a truly polished troupe. FCBD® was then and always will be an innovative dance company, over time the nuances have changed sometimes due to the fact that members of the troupe come and go, but at its core, FCBD® really does demonstrate the strong connection and trust in one and another required to make a strong group performance that delights audiences.

I have tried many forms of dance, but I have to say that right now, group dancing is my priority and would love to enjoy dancing with others at any opportunity

I have my return leg of this trip coming up in a few days. I can’t wait to explore and discover more secrets of dance for sure, I will watch the LIVE DVD again.