Tips for ATS®GS/TT preparation

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General Skills and Teacher Training for ATS® are scheduled in San Francisco Bay Area this November. Are you planning to come to study with Carolena & FatChanceBellyDance® or considering taking the course in the future? Here are some tips for your preparation!

ATS®General Skill
GS is composed of two workshops. One is Two 5-hour days for GS Classic and the other is Two 5-hour days for GS Modern, a total of 20 hours over 4 days. GS Classic covers Tribal Basics Vol. 1&4 DVD and GS Modern covers Vol. 7 DVD.  If you don’t own these DVDs, please get your copy from FCBD® Online Store!


  1. Watch the DVD to recognize the name of steps, shapes, using which part of the body, sections for slow moves and counts for fast moves.
  2. Dance with DVD – follow what Carolena is saying and move as what you see in the video.
  3. If you want to learn more details and drill for each step, please join Carolena on Patreon

ATS® Teacher Training
You have to graduate GS before taking Teacher Training.  This is the course for how you present the concept of ATS® and the steps. Becoming an ATS® teacher means to accurately inform what Carolena said on DVD and at the workshop to your students and next generations. So here is what I did for my TT preparation.

  1. Listen to DVD (Audio only without watching the screen) and see if you understand what Carolena said.
  2. Repeat what Carolena said
  3. Make a note from what Carolena said
  4. Write a sequence of how to teach for each step
  5. Move yourself with your instruction

I’m a visual learner and sometimes I have the illusion that I understood fully without listening. I think it’s important to learn and understand from both auditory/visual, so you can use them when you teach.

You have 10 months till GS/TT in the Bay Area. Happy Shimmies and hope to see you there.